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The different types of links and how they help

There are four types of link available on

One is exclusively available to and freewebs members

The other three are available to others, and are also available to and freewebs members sites.

FREE links are 'no follow' links on and are free! BUT they are only available to and freewebs members. 'no follow' links are the bare minimum and are surpassed by the other three types of link. 


Free Link (reduced in size to fit)


Reciprocal links are far superior to FREE links and are the cheapest paid option. Reciprocal links can bring the search engines to your door. The Reciprocal link is a two way street. By submitting a Reciprocal link you agree to add our link to the page that you have submitted to


The current Reciprocal link


The instructions on how to add the Reciprocal are here (the link code is also supplied on the searchgenies link submission page)

Paid links are the easiest links, there is no need for you to add any code to your site, just submit your link and pay by pay pal, sit back and wait for the visits.

Featured links are similar to paid links but with a much larger presence,  they are always at the top of the results and highlighted. This is the one for maximum exposure.


I have had to shrink the samples a bit, to get them to fit on the page, but you can see the difference. Go on, submit your or freewebs site